New regional menus on board Costa cruise ships to showcase the best of Italian culinary traditions.

Costa Cruises has introduced new regional menus that reflect Italian heritage and authenticity with dishes rooted in the varied and exciting flavours of the fourteen regions of modern Italy.

Discovering the Flavours of Italy with Costa Cruises' New Regional Menus / Photo © Costa Cruises

Discovering the Flavours of Italy with Costa Cruises’ New Regional Menus / Photo © Costa Cruises

Michelin starred chef Fabio Cucchelli headed a team of Costa Cruises’ best Chefs who together studied the range of exquisite regional recipes, identifying dishes that represent the gastronomic and cultural history of each Italian area. Following eight months of analysing and testing recipes and searching for the right ingredients, 14 new regional lunch and dinner menus have been developed, with 252 exciting dishes that are now served on-board all Costa cruise ships. 

Filippo Bertuzzi, Costa Cruises Corporate Director of Food & Beverage Operations, said: “We chose recipes that truly represent the tastes and aromas of Italian history and culture. As a result, our menus take passengers on a culinary voyage through 14 different regions, taking into account the length of the cruise and the different destinations visited.

“To ensure smooth implementation of the new menus, Costa also selected a team of Corporate Chefs who travelled on all the fleet’s ships to provide assistance and consistency for guests’ dining.”

With dishes ranging from starters through to desserts, the menus embrace each region and use many local ingredients for a truly authentic culinary experience. As an example, chefs created a simple and hearty dish to embody the warm Southern atmosphere of Sicily by combining fillets of Spatola fish with bread and raisins, served with fresh caponata and sweet red onion.

Moving further north, passengers can enjoy Rigatoni pasta with jowl bacon and Roman Pecorino cheese, a tasty dish distinctive to the central region of Lazio. Breaded fried pork cordon bleu served with potato croquettes and grilled tomatoes reflect the culinary delights of Friuli in the North East, combining the potato with a range of local cheeses. Other delicacies on-board include Savona-inspired Burrida soup with cuttlefish and fine peas and a traditional Neapolitan pasta and potato soup that originates from Naples. They’re the perfect way to end a day exploring the port cities visited during a seven-night Mediterranean cruise on the Costa Diadema 

Giuseppe Carino, VP Guest Experience & Onboard Revenues, said: “We are proud of our gastronomic traditions and wanted to offer guests a real taste of Italy through our regionally inspired menus. Every year, on our ships, we take hundreds of thousands of guests on vacation, who come from about 200 different countries all looking for the real flavours of Italian cuisine. Thanks to our links with local suppliers, we are in an enviable position to source authentic ingredients and put a spotlight on the varied regional cuisines that can be found through Italy. We are confident that our new menus offer something for everyone and give our customers a real taste of Italian heritage and hospitality.”

Information source: Costa Cruises

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