MSC Armonia takes guests on a magical tour ashore and aboard

MSC Cruises has recently come up with the perfect comprehensive itinerary to combine the best of Egypt, Jordan and Israel, with itineraries offering a full range of shore excursions including historical tours, stunning relaxation and snorkelling opportunities in the Red Sea and a variety of adventurous desert tours.

MSC Armonia © MSC Kreuzfahrten

MSC Armonia © MSC Kreuzfahrten

From 10 November 2012 through to 6 April 2013, MSC Armonia has a full schedule of 21 8-day/7-night cruises, departing every Saturday from Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, and calling in Safaga, Egypt, Elat, Israel, Aqaba, Jordan and Sokhna Port, Egypt. For example, a 7-night cruise which includes cruise and flights from London starts from just £769 per person and a balcony cabin including flights start from just £1119 per person.

Arabian aromas and African legends

Guests on board, MSC Armonia can taste an extensive choice of mouth-watering Arabian appetizers and traditional main dishes to prolong the scents and flavours of the day, from wonderful marinated meat and fish dishes, to flavourful tagines, koftas and couscous.

In the theatre, shows recount some of the region’s most popular legends. Cleopatra, a Queen’s life takes guests back to a brother and sister’s dramatic battle for power in ancient Egypt through rich scenography, luxury costumes and dynamic song, dance and acrobatics, while Viva Africa tells the heart-warming story of an ancient tree, mixing the sounds and colours of the stunning continent to create a vibrant feel-good show.

Embark on adventures of biblical proportions

History lovers will truly be in heaven as they sail through thousands of years of history from the comforts of an MSC ‘luxury time machine’.

On an unforgettable drive and fly tour to Jerusalem through the wildly beautiful landscape of the Negev desert, guests can soak up the Holy City’s unique, spiritual atmosphere, and visit the room which held the Last Supper, the Via Dolorosa, the Wailing Wall and the Mount of Olives.

The world’s oldest synagogues can be explored by cable car from the ancient fortification of Masada and imaginations will run riot when faced with its historic fortress, which once served as a refuge for Herod the Great.

Guests can also visit the foot of Mount Sinai and explore St. Catherine’s Monastery – the earliest surviving bastion of Christianity.

Crawl through copper mines and explore lost cities

Crawling through the narrow tunnels of King Solomon’s Mines, some of the oldest copper mines on record, can provide a real insight into the lives of early copper producers, while a visit to a typical Israeli kibbutz gives a taste of how communal living and traditional customs can survive in the modern world.

A stop in Aqaba, Jordan, immediately leads visitors to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Petra, the rose-red city carved into a cliff that remained lost for over one thousand years. Guests can also ride the desert sands of the Wadi Rum valley on a magic journey back to the prehistoric times of Tahamudic writings.

Explore Egypt’s most iconic historical sites

Cairo is a stepping stone to some of the country’s most iconic historical sites, from the magnificent archaeological site of Gizah and its pyramids, to the Valley Temple and the medieval Islamic fortification Saladin’s Citadel.

Guests can also take a break from the ship with a two day journey to Luxor, driving through desert scenery, crossing the River Nile and exploring the three royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings and two huge statues of Amenhotep III, also known as the Colossi of Memnon, which guard the original entrance to the temple.

The Temple of Karnak’s spectacular sound and light show is a special evening highlight sure to bring both the history of this imposing temple and the achievements of the ancient Egyptians to life.

Magical worlds of sea and sand

The golden sands and crystal clear waters of the region’s beaches are an ideal haven for sunbathing or setting off on a discovery of the Red Sea’s amazing underwater world.

Snorkelling excursions and trips on a glass-bottomed boat give birds’ eye views of beautiful coral reefs, rainbow-coloured fish, giant turtles, and other aquatic wildlife unique to the region.

A tour of the Dead Sea will leave guests deeply relaxed as they enjoy the therapeutic effect of floating in its high-saline waters or taking an invigorating clay bath, while the more adventurous can jump in jeeps or on camels for excursions along rocky trails in the desert.

By providing such a comprehensive itinerary and imaginative excursion options, MSC Cruises is confident of offering guests an unforgettable adventure in Egypt, Jordan and Israel and a unique way of discovering the magical waters of the Red Sea.

Information source: MSC Cruises UK

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