Oceania Cruises has unveiled its new 2014 curriculum for the Bon Appétit Culinary Center on board the mid-sized luxury cruise ships Marina and Riviera. More than 20 different classes are offered, ranging from regional cuisines to secrets of homemade pasta, with each session expanding guests’ knowledge and appreciation of local flavours. The multi-million-dollar, ground-breaking culinary centres feature individual work stations with induction cook tops – a first at sea – and have been a favourite on board amenity since their debut.

Cookery at Sea / Photo © Oceania Cruises

Cookery at Sea / Photo © Oceania Cruises

“While many ships offer cooking demonstrations for guests to observe, what has set our culinary centres apart is the opportunity for guests to actually cook themselves, delivering a hands-on experience in a true state of the art classroom,” shares Kunal S. Kamlani, the line’s president. “The 2014 classes, developed by acclaimed chef Kathryn Kelly and Bon Appétit magazine, promise an interactive and rewarding experience for epicureans.”

Each class appeals to a wide range of tastes and incorporates regional cultures and cuisines. Depending on the itinerary, classes can range from 45 minutes to three hours and cater to all levels of aptitude, from beginner to master-chef level. The culinary experience is also often brought ashore with market tours where guests shop for local ingredients with Chef Kelly. Culinary classes can be purchased in advance with on board bookings based on availability starting from 53 euros per person.

Highlights of the new 2014 classes as well as a sampling of voyages that they can be experienced on are listed below.

Note: These classes are available on virtually every 2014 voyage of Marina and Riviera

European Favourites

French Classics: At the centre of the gastronomic sphere, French cooking methods and techniques are the benchmark for culinary standards worldwide. In this class, gourmands master several fundamental French techniques and prepare elegant dishes that can be recreated at home.

Riviera, May 5, 2014 Historic Holy Lands 10 Days, Istanbul to Athens

Italian Family Table: This class celebrates the cuisines and specialty dishes of the many regions visited by Oceania Cruises. Students learn techniques and recipes that have been passed down for generations and shared around family tables in the fabulous Italian destinations visited, which include Portofino, Amalfi, Tuscany and Sicily.

Riviera, June 1, 2014 Venetian Revelations 10 Days, Barcelona to Venice

Viva España: Guests are transported to the tapas bars of Spain, learning how to host a tapas party, complete with sangria and delicious, authentic Spanish dishes. Exciting arrays of tapas are prepared with recipes by Oceania Cruises’ chefs discovered on journeys to San Sebastián, Barcelona and Andalucía.

Riviera, September 1, 2014 Flavors of Europe 7 Days, Rome to Barcelona

Regional Recipes

Modern Nordic: The fresh, inventive dishes of restaurants including Copenhagen’s Noma and Geranium have changed the way the world views Nordic cuisine. Inspired by Oceania Cruises’ Baltic travels, the line’s chefs have developed a class devoted to favourite recipes of the region.

Marina, June 7, 2014 North Sea Coasts 7 Days, London to Copenhagen

Magical Morocco: With a special emphasis on tagine recipes, this class teaches guests the basics of Moroccan cooking, one of the most popular cuisines today. Highlights are the spices and ingredients of the Moroccan pantry and how to utilize them for flavourful dishes.

Marina, September 24, 2014 Tapestry of Cultures 10 Days, Lisbon to Rome

Techniques to Know

Pasta from A to Z: Aspiring chefs make fresh pasta from scratch, including techniques for gnocchi and stuffing. Students master rolling the dough, cutting, proper cooking and serving with the freshest of sauces.

Riviera May 15, 2014 Gems of Antiquity 7 Days, Athens to Istanbul

Mastering Fish: One of the most popular classes, guests practice high-heat and moist-heat methods, as well as curing, to make delicious fish entrées at home.

Riviera, May 22, 2014 Portraits of the Past 10 Days, Istanbul to Barcelona

Oceania Cruises Onboard Favorites

Most Requested from Canyon Ranch: Working with the culinary team at Canyon Ranch, Oceania Cruises brings the most requested recipes from the world-renowned health resort and creator of the Canyon Ranch SpaClub® on each ship. Guests learn healthy cooking techniques and quick, easy recipes with a focus on fresh ingredients and delicate flavour.

Riviera, May 22, 2014 Portraits of the Past 10 Days, Istanbul to Barcelona

Oceania Favourites, Red Ginger: A selection of the most requested recipes from the acclaimed Red Ginger on board Marina and Riviera highlights this class. Its Asian fare, with Thai and Vietnamese influences is a favourite. Guests learn how to use the ingredients that stock an Asian pantry as well as regional cooking techniques.

Riviera, November 18, 2013 Enchanted Passage 14 Days, Barcelona to Miami

Information source: Oceania Cruises

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